6 thoughts on “Old school sundays…

  1. Thanks E , yeah there certainly is some top riding here from everyone Degroot (pre Standard) days is dope and Meyer and Jesse's stuff , crazy skillz from back in the day 🙂

  2. So much good stuff I love in this, Degroots junkyard perverted junkyard other side, so sick! watching trevor ride with that crazy high stem (looks like stemshaft is raised!!), seeing trevor and nitschke drop whoppers back then! Chases riding of course! Jesse, wow, not sure where to stop..classic footage!

  3. I've had this master copy sitting in my vault for 17 years so stoked Rad Dad could get it off VHS for me and post it. I thought he was only doing my section which he posted last weekl but he put in the work and did the whole thing. There's a few more things I need to do the same to.

  4. So great to see this VHS make Old School Sundays on Flatmatters. I will be working on breaking it up in to smaller parts as well. I saw there were a couple of people that had video errors while trying to play it back. Thanks John for getting the tape to me to convert! Just happy I was able to do it.

    Keep on Riding!

  5. Thanks John and rad dad one of best old school sundays yet for me, so stoked on the footage, to see alot of that stuff again, was really motivating!

  6. Awesome! I tend to forget just how good the guys were back then. It wasn't just Jones who inspired. I see some similar footage as the Homeless video, "Trash." John's parts and the Chase location are the same.
    Thanks so much for putting this up everyone!

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