7 thoughts on “Old school sundays…

  1. Lovin this vid sick rider Mervar was awesome that Rolaid was sick (think it was a candy bar Rolaid) ,plenty of flow here , still rides i believe.

  2. Bully Slow Ride and Perrys clip in it was a huge inspiration to me when it came out… Watched it every day for long time.

  3. Brings back memories of watching him ride here in Indy back in the day. He was so fun to watch. I love the signature FIST PUMP in the video. His "Perry Doom" is still the best trick ever (IMHO).

  4. perry just rocks, I can still see tidbits of his style in my riding and it's been 20 years!perfect style,man! I love the music to this, anyone know what it is?

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