Old school sundays

Is this old school? Its funny cause I wouldnt say it is, but it does feel like it…
Remember flatground? I feel like its soon been forgotten…Heres some footage by Shane Neville that didnt ever make it on to flatland manifesto….

10 thoughts on “Old school sundays

  1. flatground ruled, only mistake i think they ever made was holding flatground 07 in the summer, killed it, which was a shame, flatground really worked as a winter event..

  2. He's helping run deepbmx with frank Lucas, still rides, was very dialled at the Red Bull flow combo contest, infact his team won.

  3. That was a blast of a contest. I remember getting serious flack a couple of judging calls. Judging flatland = the hardest job ever.

    (2nd hardest job ever – satisfying flatlander's infinitely fickle music tastes)

    edit by Peter Ashworth and a pretty impressive one considering it was his first time editing.

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