Old School Sundays – 665 1/2 Not Quite Evil

Ells Bells 665 1/2 Not Quite Evil is a flatland classic! The audio is pretty bad on this, turn off the volume and enjoy awesome sections from the likes of Chase Gouin, Kevin Jones, Pete Brandt, Jesse Puente and many more!

4 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – 665 1/2 Not Quite Evil

  1. thanks for posting this one ! where the hell is Ells these days ? BMX owes tons to that guy – Pete Augustin’s section is a must watch ! volume, no volume this is a 10/10 video

  2. Definitely an all time classic!! Best sections in the
    Video, Andrew Arroyo ,Jesse and Steve Roy.
    Chases Backwards decade to G-rator is still one of the hardest tricks ever!

  3. I wanna know what happened to Elle’s kid? I think his name is Branden or something?
    Such an AWSOME time in riding, MEMORIES!!!!

    Ps- “I can’t believe Gonz doesn’t suck cock anymore”!

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