Old school sundays…

This week Albert Reteys run from the 96 worlds in Koln, check the fast backwards xft steam pivot to halfpacker, way ahead of the time!!

15 thoughts on “Old school sundays…

  1. Theres always been something about Albert, check the speed, the smile, the flow, one of the best riders ever in my opinion.

  2. That back peg pivot he does at 2:46 was rad,this guy had some serious tricks does he still ride ? i believe Phil Dolan won pro flat here .

  3. I saw him few years ago at the BMX Masters in Koln and he said he rides occasionally and he'd learnt lot of "new school" tricks, his riding here like i said was ahead of the time…

  4. His run from Limoges 92, was one of the best runs of all time, anywhere who was there would say the same thing, magical moment in the history of flatland. Albert was one of the most skilled riders of his generation.

  5. Hahaaaaa! The link with the pivot on the back peg! So awesome! Almost 15 years old! Fuck you new school flatland 😀 😀
    O love old school! So much fun like everybody do trick 15 years old and say it is their tricks 😀 😀

  6. No the company is run by Thomas Goring, Albert designed few products in the early days of KHE, i believe the grinddisc and pegs were retey designed, then of course the catweasle frame.

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