Old School Sundays

This week check out Carl Argila’s expert Prelim flatland bmx run, AFA Master Round 5, August 27, 1988. William Patterson College. Wayne, NJ. You may remember Carl from the Freestylin’ days, he had an Undergrounders article back in the day, I haven’t heard his name in years, just came across this treat yesterday!

6 thoughts on “Old School Sundays

  1. Yeah this guy Henry has a ton of old AFA vids up so good, Carl Argila rode for CW prior to Skyway had a ton of rad moves reminded me of Carlo of the flat here ,that Street Beat must off been light cas i couldn’t for the life of me do half that stuff on my DP haha 🙂 great trip down memory lane right down to the music arrrr the 80’s.

  2. So glad “showmanship” is no longer a category to be judged in competitive flatland. Its great for shows and demos but in competition? It’s even good to have some showmanship in competition but to be JUDGED by it? No thanks. I understand the “fun factor” involved after pulling a hard trick you don’t have dialed and pulling it in competition is extra fun but to be judged by the fact of whether or not you congratulated yourself during your run.

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