Old School Sundays

Thanks to Howard Avery for sending these two edits in from the AFA Masters Round 1 Austin, TX May 13-14 1989, stoked to see Eric Emerson drop the original guillotine at 1:30 or the second edit, shaky practise jam footage, but well worth a post, feel the jam circle vibe in the edit with Perry Mervar, pre internet days, we would just read about these contests a month or two later in BMX Plus or Freestylin’/Go Magazine, this stuff is golden in my opinion.

5 thoughts on “Old School Sundays

  1. Thanks E 🙂 lovin the vibe in these edits at a time when flatland was changing and new names were coming up the ranks so to speak ,so good.

  2. These made my day yesterday ! James Shepherd was at the OG a couple of weeks ago and was explaining that 1st trick ( rolling turnbucket) to me. Also the rolaid smith at @ 2.20. So much good stuff and originality that I don’t see so much these days.

  3. I was at that contest and got third place in my class. In the pratice footage all I can see is me sitting on my bike ..lol I rode with James Shepherd a few times down town Houston, good rider.

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