10 thoughts on “Old School Sundays

  1. Pretty sure he was a riding partner of Gerry Smith. Tyson was always ahead of the curve. One of the best “unknowns”, for lack of a better term. The guy was good…really good.

    • @Josh Evans- oh really, didnt know that! Yes definitely one of the best unknowns, did he ever get a “Undergrounders” in Freestylin’, curious on that one, so good to see this, digging the way the old contest footage now appearing online!

  2. Effraim, I don’t think he did ever get Undergrounders in Freestylin’…he should of though! I’ve got most of the Freestylin’s with the Undergrounder and he’s not any of those. Maybe “Spam File”(Sponsored AM), but I don’t remember him being sponsored either…

  3. Tyson did rip. I rode many contests with him in Florida. He was older than me. He was in 18 and over Expert and I was 14-15 expert. He was a cool dude. I looked up to him and his riding.

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