Old School Sundays

Gerry Smith – AFA Austin, TX 1988 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

Jeff Cotter – AFA Austin, TX 1988 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

Bill Neuman – AFA Tarpon Springs, FL 1989 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

This week’s OSS, Three great runs from the AFA Austin, TX 1988, Gerry Smith inventor of the smith decade, also check the junkyard to backwards rideout at the end of his run and Jeff Cotter tearing it up! And last, but certainly not least the uber dialled Bill Neumann, great run from AFA Tarpon Springs, FL 1989. Great uploads by 990 Adjustments again!!

9 thoughts on “Old School Sundays

  1. Awesome 🙂 great to see these old AFA runs online ,Bill Neuman was so dialled ,gota love Gerry Smith and Jeff Cotter (jump from pedals to bar ride) Perry Doom variation gulp !! so rad

  2. Those are three great vids you posted up, E. Great seeing Cotter bust out again. I had the opportunity to hang & ride with him back in the day and he was just the coolest to the young upstarts like myself. Obviously, Neuman was WAY ahead of his time,,,He may have been the smoothest rider of all time. The stuff that he did while he was in his own private lot at home was unbelievable! As for Mr. Smith, what can you say? The guy was a F’n bad ass…Thanks for the memories. And Howard, I was at the comp when Perry was goofing around with his doom for the first time…WOW!

    • I remember reading in Go, I think it was the Make a wish contest in Virginia, whoever wrote the story for the contest, wrote something along the lines that Bill Neumann could have done his run with his head cut off. He is solid! I wonder what he’s up to these days.

  3. E, you are correct about that caption and the contest it was from. If I’m not mistaken, that was Chases’ first pro comp where he got 4th. As for what Bill is up to these days, I wouldn’t have any idea. He fell off the grid completely a few years ago and the # I had for him is out of service, so who knows? I rode with him back in 02-03 for a few hours and he was still on his game and he hadn’t ridden in a few years before that. He stopped riding altogether because he didn’t have the time to put 100% into it and he wasn’t going to ride half-assed. At any rate, keep the dope vids coming…

    • Thats interesting Josh. Would you say he was a natural rider, hence the no effort look, or he worked really hard for that? I’ve searched for interviews through my collection and couldn’t find much coverage of him, just the odd contest photo here and there….

  4. Easily the most natural rider I’ve ever ridden with. Even when he was working out new stuff he made it look easy. Always smooth as glass…ask Chase. They rode together a ton back in the day before Chase moved to York and changed flatland forever. I had a lot of great sessions with Bill over the years and my time spent with him made me a better rider for sure. I learned a lot. I;d be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about this era of flatland or chat old school flat. If you need my email, Bobby Carter can hook you up. Those were good times…

  5. I was at this contest and I can remember being completely floored by both Bill and Gerry…Gerry was killin’ the Jam Circles that day as well. Good footage to see. I have such good memories of all the Austin AFA Masters during that era.

    And thanks E for making Old School Sundays part of Flatmatters! I had a friend recently post, “My goal in flatland is to get good enough to have an edit on Flatmatters”…everyone loves the site!

    • Yo Tod!
      Thanks for the comment, I wish some of the jam circle footage would be available to see, its great the runs are now being published though, all these years on!
      And thank you for the kind words about the site! Old school sundays is intended as an education to the younger riders, who don’t know what came before….

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