Old School Sundays

After School Special from Scott on Vimeo.

Thanks to Scott Nagy for sending in this weeks OSS. Makes life easier for me as I sit here in the reception of the Rebel jam hotel with the slowest wi-fi ever! Enjoy this one with riding by Aaron Behnke, Adam Banton, Carl Potts, Dave Schaeffer, Scott Powell, Tom Haugen, Bobby Fisher, Andrew Burleson and Colin Winkelmann, RIP.

13 thoughts on “Old School Sundays

  1. Some serious tricks in there for any of us over 35 for any of us under 35 go learn that s*** you missed out on the golden era , Aaron Behnke,Scott Powell,Dave Schaeffer,Andrew Burleson ( sick ), Bobby Fisher etc this is rough material dope funky fresh , damm good in other words lol sick vid 🙂

  2. Good lord SRJ sometimes i think you should reveal your real name and not make pointless comments not even regarding the video pointless , i take it you ride SRJ = Stupid Retarded Jerk hahaha , biatch

  3. haha nice one Howard too many fools on here making no contribution at all at least your real and honest , sick vid .

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