Old School Sundays – Bill Neumann, Mike Schmed + Pete Brandt!

Great footage from the archives sent in from Jffe. Filmed by John Preville, 1989 Great Lakes Freestyle Contest footage (how dialled was Bill Neumann!!!) plus parking lot footage from i’m guessing the Virginia Make A Wish Foundation Contest, great practise footage of Mike Schmed and Pete Brandt going off during the Ozone era! So good to see this!

13 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – Bill Neumann, Mike Schmed + Pete Brandt!

  1. what’s remarkable is Pete Brandt’s passion for the sport, riding at Sacramento kings arena 2 days ago, totally HARDCORE…. after all these years, MASSIVE RESPECT ! only a few can achieve that

  2. That Make a wish comp was sick! Think I have footy from that, just gotta find a VCR to watch them old tapes. Pete’s still a boss!

  3. Montrose! The old Great Lakes Freestyle contests were legendary back in the day, props to John and Josh for digging out the old footage.

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