Old School Sundays – King of Concrete 2000

With 5 years of flatmatters coming up next week. Matthew Dyer kindly stepped up with a nice treat to lead up to it. An Old School Sunday special, 23 minutes of King of Concrete 2000 footage featuring Alex Jumelin, Viki Gomez, Sam Foakes, Sebastian Grubinger, yours truly Effraim Catlow, Jimmy Petitet, Phil Dolan, Ulrich Kittel, and James White! Look out for sweet jam footage at the end with Viki Gomez, Ulrich Kittel, James White and Phil Dolan going off!

9 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – King of Concrete 2000

  1. no probs E. plenty more to follow over the next few years. found a tape yesterday of 2001 koc my mate filmed for me as i broke my knee in july 2001 and was in plaster for 9 weeks. totally forgot about that tape but a little look at a couple of clips while rewinding the tape yesterday. i see chase gouin speaking to E so whether there is any riding clips of him i don’t know. a young lee musselwhite i noted, martti kuoppa going full on the rink. plenty more treats to come…urban games 2000, koc 97 (lot of day smith), koc 98 and 99, nec bike shows, etc….

  2. question.
    what would you guys and gals prefer – a 20 minute or so highlight video or separate individual runs?
    maybe any practice then or jam circle stuff as a highlight video?

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