Old School Sundays on Monday with Kevin Jones

Yesterday was a busy day riding bikes so missed posting, so let’s call this one Old School Sundays on Monday. And who better to showcase than Kevin Jones, and his run from the 88 Tucson Arizona AFA Masters contest. The double hanglider line at 00:42 tapping the back tyre for momentum is so rad!

3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays on Monday with Kevin Jones

  1. Whenever I watch classic flat footage, I’m amazed how forkstanders were ever a thing for all of us back then. The hydrant whip/mccircle line on forkstanders looks totally awkward nowadays.

  2. Ultraman zoffy is right when he writes that the hydrant whip/mc line on fork standers looks awkward now. I remember when I first removed them and tried to throw in the decade from the mccircle. It felt like I had to lift a truck to get the height that used to be so easy to pull up from the forkstander.

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