4 thoughts on “Old school Sundays Part 1

  1. Awesome simply awesome ,1:42 G-turn,endo boomerang link OMG,1:48 Steam to decade combo OMG and more besides ,dude was on fire ,these old video’s are the blueprint of modern flat ,theres so many more avenues to be discovered mixing old and new etc ,totally blessed to see these over 20 years later,great viewing 🙂

  2. Can’t remember if this was his qualifier or final run but they both were F’n awesome. I remember watching this go down and it was mind blowing. I agree, HUGE talent. One of the greats.

  3. That was his qualifier run. I only know because I have a copy of all the finals runs and it’s a bit different. Pretty much the same run except he didn’t do the g-turn/boomerang combo in the finals. Such an awesome run. I had never really heard of him before this contest and then he seemed to disappear again (though tons of riders disappeared between 1988 and 89).

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