Old school Sundays Part 1

Great upload from Missoneday333, Frankie Arnwine killing in the 14 Expert Class prelims at 1988 AFA Masters in Columbus Ohio, on his way to 2nd place after a run off with Dave Mirra, Frankie was as good as most of the Pro’s at this time, incredible!

5 thoughts on “Old school Sundays Part 1

  1. Frankie used to show up at these local comps we had up near Flint MI and he would just shred the place apart. He’d roll up with Danny Meng, Perry Mervar, Mulder, etc. It was such a dope time for flatland and awesome new stuff was being created right before our eyes. Those were really good times…

    • wow when did he make that up Kip, around that time? i might have seen that in an Ohio ‘zine back in the day, now i Think about it, Atomic Circle of Chaos, ring a bell?

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