Old School Sundays Part 1

Couple of treats from the AFA Masters in Witchita KS, great riding from John Huddleston in practise and who is that dude in the Ozone factory T killing it, it’s not Eric Emerson by the way! Plus Ruben Castillo’s run, so much style! More OSS in a bit!

7 thoughts on “Old School Sundays Part 1

  1. Ruben Castillo,John Huddleston,bustin out amazes me that the bikes were heavier like 35lbs yet these guys made em seem light the way they moved them around,is that Pete Brandt E ? i was thinking Carly Garcia and Stepham Scholz,Gerry Smith it its not Eric Emerson.Dope rider whoever he is. Riding to Taylor Dayne arr the 80’s 🙂

    • Yes KIller riding, cant wait to see the Gerry Smith footage! Hopefully Kevin uploads it today, would be nice! No its Pete Brandt, Stephan Scholz is a good shout, no one appears to know who it is which is quite funny, whatever the case, whoever it is, sick riding, theres a real old school video revival at the moment. Loving seeing the diversity in styles, and forgotten tricks.

  2. I’m going with Tommy Simpson on the rider (pretty sure that’s it), Eric Emerson would have never rode to that song, ha ha…

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