Old School Sundays Part 1

Great footage from Hardcore Radness Part 2, I must have watched this hundreds of times back in the day. Great riding from the Clawson brothers, Pete Brandt, Danny Meng, Ross Smith, Josh Marsele, Perry Mervar and many others. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Old School Sundays Part 1

  1. The golden age of flat! Originality was king! Soooo many great memories in this edit! LA Riders, Bully(back when it was the SHIT), I was actually at some of these comps! You should post some “Alder tricks you can stand” footy, when they had the Mantronix soundtrack! So great that “Sweet Pete” is still a beast!

  2. Among the st louis crew, some of us knew the Clawson brothers. so this video is all good and nobody can find it anywhere. Other than this youtube clip, it might be lost forever. I had it in my possession for a couple weeks as it exchanged hands. Pretty cool, surprised to see it on FMO.

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