Old School Sundays Part 2

Part 2 of OSS is a new “old” face to me, I must admit to not knowing who David Morris is, you might not either, but watch this edit from circa 1989 and you’ll see that he was awesome, Cash Reynolds sent this in, and gave me a lil’ background on David.

“David was the real deal as you can tell from the video, we lived in western Washington state, rode factory Redline and made our living doing Flatland shows at schools around the state. David was also the #1 pro Flat rider in the (NAFA) North American Freestyle Association back in the late ’80s/ early ’90s. The NAFA was the Freestyle competition circuit for the Pacific Northwest.”

4 thoughts on “Old School Sundays Part 2

  1. never heard of this guy so much good stuff in here so much ,gotta say 1:36 handgliders x 6 SICK ,Jason Webb would be proud,this guy rules great vid 🙂

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