Old School Sundays Part 2

1990 Nantes AFF Best Of Free – Show Flatland from LPU – Franck Belliot on Vimeo.

May 1990 – Nantes – Show Flatland with some cracking riding from the likes of Armin Batoumeni, Alexis Desolneux, José Delgado, David Chabert, Albert Retey (check the nose wheelie to whiplash at 07:05), Valéry Botétème, and John Yull, with Armen Djerrahian on the mic! Awesome footage from this show! Albert killed this contest as well!

7 thoughts on “Old School Sundays Part 2

  1. God I hated that Skyway guess it was all I could get after the Hutch! I slashed my shin from ankle to knee the day before riding the bowl. It looks like I gave up on this run by the second trick.

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