10 thoughts on “Old school Sundays Part 2

  1. arr great day KOC 93 Standard boys came ,got a ton of pics from this Chad D was amazing just link after link ,we were blessed to see him this was my favourite KOC ,also the bowl jumping was sick Canning OMG.

  2. glad you like it. more on my vimeo page of this event from uk flatland legends Phil Dolan, James White, Aju Bubu and Mr flatmatters himself Effraim Catlow.

  3. Thats right John i recall you were there in 92 in the jumping bowl comp purple Homeless t shirt,the year Chase was there have pics from that year also.

  4. Just watched Denny’s vimeo channel. Effraim–Bummer you had to ride to Sir Mix-a-Lot “Baby Got Back.” Assuming it wasn’t by choice…

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