Old School Sundays? – Trier Worlds 1990

BMXworlds1990sm from Axel Reichertz on Vimeo.

This might be considered Mid school, but at 25 years old it seems pretty old to me and amazingly there are still some gems in here! Killer riding from the likes of Albert Retey, Lee Clarke, Mark Teo, Jay Jones, Craig Lepage, Mike S and many more! This was such a good contest for the time, so stoked to finally see some footage from one of my first international contests! Don’t sleep on this one!

8 thoughts on “Old School Sundays? – Trier Worlds 1990

  1. @Effraim Thanks for posting this!!! Much agreed was really impressed with these guys. Alot of cool stuff going on!!!!

  2. Peregrine must have chartered a flight from New Jersey. It was like New Jersey vs. the World. Great riding though. Who did the backwards backwards bar-ride?

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