Old School Sundays with Albert Retey

Awesome upload by Thomas Fritscher for this weeks OSS, Albert Retey was and is for sure one of the most talented riders to ever come out of Germany. Hit play for a real treat from one of the legendary Koln Jugendpark contests under the bridge, this contest went down in 1988.

4 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Albert Retey

  1. SPEAKING OF legends , that’s the first time I saw Mr. guilds/ Albert RIP in person !!! BANGING run !! ROLAID , turn bucket , hang glider , etc , etc !! LOVED this , THANKS for the upload Thomas !!! I was at the OKC comp too in 1995 , BUGGED when I saw Retey nail HALF-BAR whiplash and spinning time machine/full-body varial to gerator ……………..as JUST a warm up for the jam circle that was going ON all DAY !!!! I had 32 minutes sleep going up there and when I saw Albert BUST that I was……………….. WIDE AWAKE !!!!

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