Old School Sundays with Carly Garcia

In the late 80’s I was over in San Francisco and got to ride with Carly Garcia at Golden Gate Park along with Aaron Dull, Eric Emerson and many others. Carly was practising for the contest featured, and was absolutely unstoppable. Check out his flawless run out right here, so good!

3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Carly Garcia

  1. This is my FIRST time seeing Carly riding on VIDEO , STOKED !!! SWITCH hand -ONE footed wheel chair ROLL ???!!! Damn BIG E , THIS makes my day before I go sesh !! Ive had a POSTER of Carly ON MY WALL since 1988 of him doing a ONE handed rope , LOOKING at the camera with RADITUDE !! Thanks for this upload BIG E !! Youre SPOT ON mate , he SMASHED this run , EVEN BACKWARDS decaded to EXIT !!! YEEEEAAAAAH OLD SCHOOL SUNDAYS !!!!!

  2. Stick B jump to frontyard is something I can see making its way back into the scene nowadays… Ozone was such a slept on team back then, so many killers on that squad!

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