Old School Sundays with Darryl Johnson

Darryl Johnson – AFA Deerfield Beach, FL 1989 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

This weeks OSS with a rider many of you won’t have heard of. Darryl Johnson killed it back in the day, check out this awesome run from the AFA Deerfield Beach contest, FL 1989. Another great upload from 990 Adjustments!

5 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Darryl Johnson

  1. I rode with Darryl a lot around this time, we traveled to this contest together the night before with our crew, rode all night and slept in a van in a parking lot at some shopping center. Such an awesome rider and a really cool dude, I have a vhs of Darryl, myself, and two of our friends doing a demo at my local skating rink here in my town. So glad 990 posted this. Darryl was a jam circle ruler, trick after trick. That Big Daddy Kane tape made the rounds.

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