Old School Sundays with Derek Schott

Not seen this run before from Derek Schott, worthy of this weeks OSS! The man who invented the rolled (and drops it second attempt at the end of his run!), and a whole lot more besides. Derek was so good, watch this one the whole way through, the run builds after a few early mistakes.

2 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Derek Schott

  1. This is gonna sound really naïve ……….but I really had no idea Derek had a stuff like THIS in his trick sack ! Loving the hang glider caught to Woody whip , kick back to decade , the REAR PEG stance G-turns , the top rock boomerangs linked to decade , AND that rolling nightmare…….Ive ALWAYS dug that move . First time I saw Dale Mitzel does one on video , I was blown away ! Derek catching those bars , SLAAAAAMMMMING down a decade out of it …….gotta say ……..THAT also got me even more hyped as I was watching this run ! Youre spot on Big -E , his run really does build up as hes going through every line . I like the fact that I never knew or could assume just what trick , combo was coming next ! Kinda reminded me how how Dr. Albert Retey rode in his prelim run @ the Hoffman Bikes contest back in 1995 , in Oklahoma . Throughout his run , he too had all the riders , spectators , judges hanging on to his every trick , as we all watched him just kinda freestyle through his run , going with the flow…..buuuuuuuut , just like Derek is doing here…. stepping the run up line after line ……like an improvised strategy or something , haha. Wow , Effraim …….THIS is why I like O.S.S. , stuff like this not only RE -jump starts awesome memories …..but it also give me a chance to see riding that Ive either missed or haven’t seen , or even knew was out there on the net ……..and trust me ,mate …….I search the net for riders , their combos , edits , contest runs , etc , etc……..ALL the time , haha. Maaaaaan , this run of Derek has me ammmmped to session today . Him dropping the Rolaid too………I actually thought he dropped , created it in mid 1988 , haha. Him dropping it in 1987 ……..THATS unreal !! Hell bruv …….I just got SERVED hard on a boomerang riding @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam pre-jam , couple weeks ago . Like FULL ON got worked / hit the pavement …TUMBLING , hahaha. Here Schott is SLLLAAMMMING down ROLAIDS to end his CONTEST run in friggin 1987 ! Yup , he was one of the GREATS , indeed . Thanks for the upload ,whoever filmed this and of course you , Effraim for sharing this with all of us , campeon !!

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