Old School Sundays with Eric Evans

With the South Coast Flatland Jam going down yesterday it only makes sense to dedicate this weeks OSS to Eric Evans. Hit play to check his run from the AFA Masters at the Velodrome, in Carson, California 1988. The surfer to grip ride last trick is amazing for a kid so small, and theres a whole lot more too!

One thought on “Old School Sundays with Eric Evans

  1. TRUE LEGEND right here , ripping that hard in flat AND vert at that age !!!! RESPECT !!!! I was so nervous to meet this guy when I saw him at Voodoo Jam 2015 , he was so cool /laid back !!! Props Eric for throwing an EPIC event last Saturday , wasn’t there but it looked awesome man !!!! Also, SO DOPE for going after those BACKSIDE walk arounds !!!!!! Keep ripping sir !!!!! Digging the oppy smoothy out of that line in this video too !!!!!!

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