Old School Sundays with Flatmatters!

Matthew Dyer kindly sent over this blast from the past, me riding at the Easter jam at Southsea Skatepark, March 1997 in my days riding for KHE! Enjoy this first part of OSS. Matthew says he has some James White footage also from this day so look for that shortly.

11 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Flatmatters!

  1. Thanks for posting this, Matthew! Mid to late-1990s is my favourite era of flat, with a good mix of scuffing and coasting styles – it seems like scuffing is frowned upon nowadays. Anyway, the switch to circle-k on the pedal at 1:00 was a highlight for me.

  2. SO good. Love the backyard varial thing to lardyard, as well as the pedal forward sidesqueak flip things.

    Also, I still find it trippy watching this knowing I’ve now ridden at that spot. #worldwide

  3. yeah, got loads more to come Effraim. camera heads playing up at the moment so may have to seek a replacement hi8 camera to play all the old tapes as i convert em. more from this jam, koc 97 to 2000,level vibes at caterham, urban games (few years) nec bike shows, prob more but can’t remember off the top of my head.
    nice to see 2 footed pinkys again, the varial gerator trick,pedal barflips,etc. good times.

    • Thanks everyone, stoked when Matthew sent me this last night! Great memories from this time period, progression was crazy! Few good ideas through watching this again! Thanks again Matthew for the video!

  4. Awesome riding, E! Question – what’s going on with the freecoaster on the link starting at 1:37? Looks like it’s locked for the pedal tricks.

    • Roller coaster hub I got from Kevin Jones, quite correct, coaster locked in place, pedals didn’t move, was pretty fun! Good for forward ropes, as you see there, forward death trucks, etc. Experimenting back in the day.

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