9 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Gerry Smith

  1. 2:33 was awesome Gerry was up there, half these expert riders back then could out ride half the pro’s there tricks were so much more advanced Gerrt definetely stood out amongst the rest 🙂

  2. And this was his off day..lol I seen this guy in pratice at the hotel and he was unreal. He was doing super fast death trucks to double foot pumping no handed was cool to watch.

  3. Effraim, if possible please post the Kansas Run from 1988.
    I grew up in the Florida scene and watched Gerry ride many times.
    He had it, and we all admired his skill, I always said that 1988 was his year, it seemed like every month back then he was turning out crazy tricks more and more. The greatest run I ever saw was a run of his in late 1988 at a skating rink in Tarpon Springs FL. I remember thinking that there was no way anyone in the pro class could hang with him.

    • @House of Iightning

      I would love to! But haven’t seen it on youtube or vimeo, if you find it, let me know! Thank you!

      AFA 1988 Palmetto. Enjoy this one if you missed it!

  4. @Howard, Gerry competed pro here. This was an NBL contest and unlike the AFA, they allowed anyone to compete in pro. Great riding, too bad he pretty much disappeared after this comp.

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