Old School Sundays with Gerry Smith

Time for a repost! Gerry Smith killed it at the AFA Finals in Kansas City November 1988 on his way to 2nd place in 17′s flatland! Amazing riding which was so influential during that time period, listen to the crowd, so rad! Thanks to Jamie West for sending this in! Style for miles!!

11 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Gerry Smith

  1. I was at this contest, and remember riding with him the night before. I watched in amazement as he did a hang 5 down 4 levels of a parking structure. The leans he had to make, in order to make the tight turns were nuts. So much bike control, at the age of 17. So good.

  2. Gerry was nothing short of incredible. This run was out of hand and WAY better than anything that was done in the pro class that same day. The guy was just awesome…

  3. What a great time in riding! The expert class was soooo much better than pro. Riders were taking chances, trying to make a name for themselves. No playing it safe! Ozone was the shit for like six months! Where’s Joe Gruttola’s run????????

  4. Amazing rider. He pulled some of the best tricks of the day. Couple people here must not have seen Mccoy and Moliterno’s runs. Those two pros pulled some seriously sick tricks. Mccoy’s buzzsaw to macaroni, triple hanglider and double g string were as good as any other tricks pulled that day. Imagine if they only had to dial in 2:00 minutes worth of tricks instead of 4 and didn’t ride ramps.

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