Old School Sundays with Hiro Tsuchida R.I.P.

This weeks OSS is a heartfelt one for sure, many of us are still coming to terms with the very sad news of Hiro Tsuchida passing away earlier in the week. Absolute no brainer to dedicate this weeks OSS post to Hiro. Let’s go back to 1991 and the Rampage contest, love the opening Cliff to hitch. RIP Hiro Tsuchida.

5 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Hiro Tsuchida R.I.P.

  1. Hiro in his prime. This was just before I first met him. I had to of been 14 or 15 at the time. At first I was intimidated by him because he was getting magazine coverage. Dude used to think he was a gangsta (actually he still thought he was a gangsta up until he passed) What the hell was that switch foot Karl crossover thing? In 28 years of knowing him, I’ve never seen him work on that, but then again he had a lot of twisted trick ideas and maybe I forgot about that one. I’m gonna miss this guy.

  2. This was right when Hiro started his team, he rode full time while working part time for his Dad’s cab company. He was beyond stoked for the mag photo! I spent hours riding with him at his house or parking garages around this time. Then we both heard about Monis Gully and their crew.
    I still haven’t processed that he’s gone…

  3. Chopsticks is the cross feet hang nothing. Roll around the moon his pumping peg wheelies around the bike. Hiro used to have a trick list with obscure names!

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