7 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with James White, Phil Dolan, Mike S

  1. sorry it’s only a few clips- these were on an old hard drive. once i get the heads sorted on the old hi8 camera there will be plenty more as still got loads to keep flatmatters in old school sundays for a few years. plenty of good stuff from this comp on the original tapes. i remember a european dude with no grips doing great stuff as well as james,phil,mike s, amongst others. and a young sam foakes going for double decades on a dyno…..

  2. Cheers matt for keeping the footage comming. I was there in 2000 as a youngster. remember it all like it was yesterday. I rember sam having a sparkly red dyno if my memmory serves me correctly..

    Now if you excuse me, it’s actually dry outside so gonna go and ride..


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