Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

Amazing run from the 1988 AFA Velodrome contest! Dropping not only a flawless run, but dropping game changing tricks, the forward rolling trick concept (one handed hang 5), the Dump truck, gliding locomotive, there may well be no one else to ever have the impact on flatland like Kevin has! Today when you ride, think about how many of his tricks you do….

8 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

    • When you think about Kevin’s contribution to flatland, it is absolutely amazing! Chances are you did 50 percent of his tricks today, maybe more than that. Huge!

  1. Johnm , Evel Kneivel was crap he crashed all the time i mean he never made half those jumps he always crashed no style at all and he sat down while jumping on a tank of a bike then landed and fell off haha really not a legend as much as Andy Ruffell.

  2. Late 87 right after he got picked up by Skyway. The ATX Masters in 87 he was riding a Haro Master, by the 88 Masters in Austin he was doing Dump and Death Trucks.

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