Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones!

The pioneer of modern day flatland! A lot of what you do today was created by this man! Kevin Jones destroyed the 1988 AFA Velodrome contest in Carson, California with his originality, and also the way the routine is put together. Keep an eye out for a massive Kevin Jones Interview in the new Aggro Rag Book, I’ll be reviewing the book really soon.

9 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones!

  1. kevin was ahead of his time in knowing what a bicycle was really capable of, so many different ways of getting in and out of tricks you wouldn’t think of and obviously raised the bar when the rolling tricks began to evolve and stamped his name all over them. a true legend.

  2. The REAL game changer, 15 years ago, will we ever see such an evolution in the direction of flatland? The way the rest of BMX is going its still possible I guess..
    Hopefully the new Aggrorag interview will give an insight into how Kevin was on such a different path to everyone else at the time…

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