Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

Roll back to 1988, Kevin Jones rolls onto the contest floor and drops all these new tricks that he created. You can feel the excitement within the bleachers on everything he does, and in light of the AFA returning to Tucson, Arizona this weekend I had to share this great run from the man himself.

5 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

  1. I’ve had the incredible privilege of being in Tucson for this run in 1988, and being there this weekend for the AFA contest in 2017. Still stoked on riding! Grateful!

    • @ r

      Whiplash to elbow glide rebate opposite whiplash out.

      Multiple tyre touch hangliders to swivel to locomotive backwards ride out,

      Macaroni ride in to cyclone to rope-a-roni.

      One handed mega spin boomerang to half vertical quick change out flow barhop to one hand one foot elephant glide.

      Opposite peg boomerang to swivel decade out to frame boomerang out,

      Fire hydrant whips mccircle fire hydrant whips out,

      No handed death truck attempt.

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