Old School Sundays with Larry Bull

Larry Bull Tizer worlds 87 from Frank Finod on Vimeo.

Really stoked on this weeks OSS find, digging in the crates I came across this amazing run from Larry Bull at the Tizer Worlds 1997. Larry was always at the forefront of creative flatland riding in the UK, watch this run for a lil’ trip down memory lane. So good to see this again!

3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Larry Bull

  1. England’s finest!!! Flatland could use Larry back in the game. Thanks for posting Effraim. Hearing that Larry music & your dads voice calling the time brought back good memories.

  2. Cheers John! Really stoked on this find, Larry as such a creative talent. And thats not my dad on mic, I thought it was Peter Noble at first, now I’m not sure sounds northern with lil twist to the accent. Who else did the mic John?

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