Old School Sundays with Martin Aparijo

This weeks OSS is dedicated to the Chairman, Martin Aparijo who is still riding to this day and was shredding at the One Love Jam in Newport Beach, in So Cal yesterday. We go back to the GT Demo Tape and McGoo interviewing him about tricks such as No handed Miami hop hops. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

13 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Martin Aparijo

  1. No handed Miami hops are still crazy, saw him do the bar spin version in person once. Melted my 12 year old brain. Martin was the one pro I remember back then actually being equipped to handle all the attention and adulation that came with being a pro at the time. I met him a few times and he was super cool and open to the kids freaking out on him. Totally egoless. Was my favorite rider and meeting him was not a disappointment.

  2. I remember wanting Skyway Tuff Wheels as I had the Miami Hopper but couldn’t chance busting up my only 36 spoke wheels attempting hop,hops.

    When 101 Part Two came out and the footage of the backwards Miami Hop Hops appeared I was like seriously.

    House of Lightning, It’s cool to hear that Martin was the man in person too because he certainly appeared that way in BMX Plus interviews.

    • He was definitely the coolest pro I met during that era. A real ambassador for the sport. Great people skills especially with kids. I met him a few times between ages 12 and 16 and every time was great. No ego and was down to rock the jam circle with the locals. Total class.

  3. Can someone please tell me what the name of the 180 g-turn thing with the hips on the bars is? I always wanted to learn that as a kid and never knew what it was called! I thought it was called a “ragdoll”, but never found confirm it.

  4. Hopefully this is cool to post here. A link to a Martin clip I posted that my friend filmed at a GT tour stop in Orlando. 1987.

    • AWESOME, this is at P.J.’s Cycle Center, I rode for them from like 1987-88 when the AFA has contests. I was somewhere watching this,probably sitting on my bright fluorescent orange GT Pro Performer I rode then, GT did shows a few times, Dyno did a show was there as well. I met Haro Summer 1988, Ron Wilkerson, Brian Blyther, Dave Nourie. Good times as a punk rock BMX freestyler.

  5. Total respect for this guy , STILL have photos on my wall of him……….to this day ! Ive never met him , would be stoked to though ! His riding , attitude are the best , hyped that hes ripping on his bike to THIS day !

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