15 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with RL Osborn

  1. I can’t remember if it was this contest, or maybe a Redline show I saw earlier, but I asked RL about this unique looking rear hub he was riding. He said it was a prototype hub for ACS, turned out it was the RL Edge hub. Sign of tech to come.

  2. So cool to see the entire routine 25 years later. We used to have to piece it together from pictures in BMX plus. RL had some unique ways of getting into classic tricks like the infinity role to cherry picker, but you couldn’t tell that from a few pictures. This was, and will always be for me, the best time for freestyle.

    On a side not, where’s Howard? I don’t see any responses from him anymore, ,and he’s old school like me.

    • Howard was banned from the site for not following the rules Reggie sadly after being repeatedly being asked and given so many chances. It doesn’t stop him trying to get on the site every single day tho.

  3. It’s great to see some of the unique ways RL got into tricks like the infinity role to cherry picker. 25 years ago in BMX plus we wouldn’t have been able to know that from the snapshots.

    On a side note, where’s Howard? I know he’s old school like me, and I haven’t seen any posts from him in some time.

    And Tod, didn’t we all want that hub when it came out and either the GT stem or the ACS…lol.

  4. That’s unfortunate Effraim, yet I’m sure you were more than fair. This old school video would have undoubtedly had Howard’s comments all over it….lol.

    • For the record Reggie. Yes it is shame. I don’t dislike Howard at all, contrary to what he might think. His posts from numerous names as well as Howard were relentless. What he can’t seem to understand is yes other people post from names that aren’t there “real” names, but they only post one name from that same ISP. It’s done now, and his posting continually to this date, only goes to prove he can’t respect the website rules.

  5. So Howard does not like old videos of flatland in its beginning years? I was at that contest in Austin and it was a blast. I met R.L and he was super cool and he was doing this trick where he place his foot on the handle bars in the middle and did boomrang after boomrang.

  6. No Jerry. From my few years of posting on this site, under my real name just for the record, the poster under the name of ‘Howard’ seemed to like old school clips.

    I presume E, from your allusion to IP addresses, that Howard was in fact also the unknown poster (i.e Therapy) that berated many a rider, too.

  7. R.L. Was definitely king for a minute! Such a unique style w/tricks everybody did. Between him and Mike Dominguez no wonder I had sooo many bully frames. This may actually be the only time I’ve ever see one of his runs in real time, magazines were my BIBLE back in the stone ages. Thanks F.M.

  8. These Austin AFA contests were some of my favorite memories from BITD, and RL was one of my favorite riders…I started with a Redline because he was such an influence.

    Oh, and Jerry…that Boomerang with his foot on the handlebar crossbar was called a Xerox Machine. Great trick!

  9. Jerry,

    Those boomerangs with the foot on the bars was interesting. At the time, there was some debate as to what should be called a hang glider. Was it this, or Kevin Jones’ backwheel tap with the foot or would it be feet completely airborne the entire time. And we all know what version of multiple boomerangs ended up with the the name.

  10. So rad. That scuffing upside down wheelie was ahead of it’s time!

    I can remember when I was 13, I grew my hair out a little and let it get a little curly so that I could look like R.L.!!! I wore “Hammer” shirts to school almost every day. I wanted to BE R.L….. hahaha! Too bad we didn’t have youtube back then. I memorized every picture in the magazines though. Freestylin’!!!

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