Old School Sundays with Rob Compton

Sometimes the borders get blurred between Old and Mid School, this 17 Expert run from Rob Compton at the NBL Nationals 1990 in Raleigh, NC does just that. The beginnings of Mid School tricks in old school uniform, Rob always killed it with a really fast, powerful style. Many of you might not know the name, but get to know it.

8 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Rob Compton

  1. SURE DO , remember this cat , he used to ride for Useless bmx products and Eastern bikes , along with Leigh ramsdell in 96 , I believe ??!! He was always spinning RAD time machines to start his runs at E.S.P.N X-trial qualifier comps in 1998 ,also ! Really RAD rider , maaaaaaaaaan , he SHREDDED this comp run , stoked to see THIS , HOPE hes still riding TODAY !

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