Old School Sundays with Ross Smith!

Ross Smith from Doses on Vimeo.

Ross Smith footage never gets old, I know I have posted this before, but this 9:17 put together by Doses is surely worth a repost. Mind blogging level of riding from one of the all time greats, AFA footage to his classic intrikat blend section! Thanks to Bryan Huffman for the reminder about this one!

9 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Ross Smith!

    • One of the great riders of all time! Master of the brake! I always hear about how good brakeless riders are, but Ross is an example of someone who uses the brakes to their full advantage, and thats a difficult art in itself! I wonder how many straddle-roni’s he’s done, using the back brake/body weight like that to gain momentum, amazing!

  1. Always good watching Ross ride. Used to ride with him once or twice a week back in 87-89 when he lived in NJ while we were still in high school. He would do such crazy combos (for back then)…one of my faves was the fwd side glide-whiplash- fwd side glide-decade into a ton of other things.
    @Effraim -Trendsetter in tight jeans? Nah, just metal head Ross LOL.
    Was there ever footage posted from the last sighting of him in that parking deck in Texas? There was an article on here awhile back…

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