12 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Ryuji Hora

  1. Funny Rujyi story. We were riding in a friend Wayne’s dark and smokey parking garage right on the outskirts of Westwood, and Chris Day and Pete A. were there. Rujyi was on fire, as per usual, and doing some combo that lasted for about 15 minutes that had him looking like he was floating 3 inches above the ground the whole time. Pete is just sitting and watching, then turns to us and says, “Rujyi is like a ballerina on a bike……but a bad ass Oakland Raiders ballerina!” With the exception of the 30 seconds after he uttered that, I had never before or since had such a burning desire to be compared to a ballerina (no offense to dancers, they are super athletes!).

  2. Watching the other runs from this contest gives you an idea of just how badass he was. The hardest tricks with so much flow and style. Ridiculous.

  3. Hello , thanks effraim for all your wok on this site that’s really great ..
    Someone has an idea about the song of this video ?

    thanks for all

  4. Ohhhh right ..Thanks a lot you’re as more stronger than shazam 🙂 🙂
    Don’t mention it ..I come every day see video ..i love old school flatland …

    It’s all my time ..Riding since 1986 …
    We have talk sometimes in the world in cologne ..

    I have some video but in VHS format since this period (1987 1993)
    Some videos were film by pepe from the shop of california style (france) ..
    He went in us in this period in vacation in Oklahoma

    If you went i can give you ..next year ..

    Good continuation and thanks for all
    Christophe BERNARD

    • No need for Shazam in this case Christophe, know this track really well from back in the day. Carlo Griggs used to ride to it,
      Look forward to the videos, Pepe that’s a name I haven’t heard from for years. Is he still running the California style shop?

  5. Hello, yes his nickname sorry i can’t remenber his name …but he has a shop in limonge while so many years …but the shop has been sell and now i think it’s close …

    I’ve see pepe in the begining of 2000 and now his passion it’s old vw beetle car …
    he buys , repair and sell …

    Effrain, do you remember some french riders as gauthier gondelle and his brother .
    On my vhs there a lot of footage, i know it’s late but in cologne this year i will come with them ..
    good continuation

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