Old School Sundays with Ryuji Hora

After only being able to read about Ryuji Hora’s riding in the Plus or Freestyle’, ts great now in the modern era that you can google riders names and find footage from the archives. Pretty Incredible really. Ryuji rips, check his run from the legendary 1988 AFA masters, that macaroni decade out at 00:43!

3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Ryuji Hora

  1. This guy was next level. Crazy hard tricks and style for miles. I remember his run from Wayne, NJ masters that year. The crowd sat on bleachers and would stomp their feet (rattling all the bleachers and making a ton of noise) for a good trick. When he pulled the macaroni decade, I thought the bleachers were gonna collapse. The loudest cheers of the day. Getting chills thinking about it.

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