Old School Sundays with Woody Itson

Feels like a while since I dropped an Old School Sundays post, so let’s get back to it with fresh update from the Freestyle BMX Junkies YT account. Today we have Woody Itson’s 1988 AFA Masters run from the Velodrome contest in Carson, CA! Enjoy old school heads…

One thought on “Old School Sundays with Woody Itson

  1. I wasn’t sure wether to comment on Woody. But, I think it’s important to recognize a pioneer of flat. He along with Martin Aparijo’s names would often come up in the early days of what was then called ‘ground’, another word for flat at the time. These 2 were in part responsible as far as I’m aware of, for getting flat noticed and into the next faze of difficulty. So thanks fellas.

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