Oleg Efimov – One week in Paris

Oleg Efimov sent in this nice edit from one week in paris with a great description, here’s what he had to say about the trip.

“This september i and my girlfriend went to Paris for one week. My girl is proffessional speed climber take a part in world championship. For me this trip was a dream! When I was kid and before go to ride i’m always watched flatland video from Opera spot with Alex, Pokemon, Aude, Matthias and etc. I always wanted to ride an Opera, but when my dream almost realized, and I arrived at the Paris, all the riders have been busy all week and I rode alone through famous spots.
Anyway it was dope week, my girl won world champion title, I rode all day long at Paris spots, and I hope next time Paris riders don’t be too busy.

5 thoughts on “Oleg Efimov – One week in Paris

  1. Cool video! Sorry man I was in Italia in september for hollidays but come again and we will ride together with all the parisian riders 🙂 Hope you enjoyed our spots and our city, see you soon!

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