Olivér Kállai wins Save the Sunshine Contest!

The annual Save the sunshine contest went down for the 4th time in Pécs, Hungary. Great vibe all over, 17 contestants and magnificent runs characterized the season finale competition. Perfect motivation to get out and ride, even on the coldest days during the winter. Congratulations to Olivér Kállai taking the win in Pro, Császár Balázs in Master, and Tér Sebestyén in Expert! Check out the first edit from the event below…

1. Kállai Olivér
2. Sarlós Péter
3. Varga Pál

1. Császár Balázs
2. Ifj. Sinkó Lajos
3. Kollár Balázs

1. Tér Sebestyén
2. Balázs Bálint
3. Bükki Norbert

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