Omari Cato – Sunday Morning

Omari Cato – Sunday Morning from Limited on Vimeo.

I haven’t seen any Omari Cato footage in a while, so it was nice to wake up today and watch this new “Sunday morning” edit filmed at his local riding spot. Especially liked the flowing body varial back wheel line at the 00:36 mark, good job Omari!

8 thoughts on “Omari Cato – Sunday Morning

  1. F——————–K YEEES !! This is all NEW sh—t from Omari IF you’ve REALLY been paying attention to his riding , I SURE have, since I met him Summer 2013, when he BLESSED our riding spot here in San Anto !! BEAUTIFUL flow with SO much TECHNICAL / SUBTLE bits thrown in so FAST ……… really have to have a TRAINED eye to catch them AS theyre happening during EACH combo , gonna HAVE to RE-watch this ALOT !! SO cool him being a teacher , a TRACK bike champion ……………AND still PROGRESSING his FLATLAND riding , ALONG with doing POSITIVE / UPLIFTING / INFLUENTIAL work in his community in Houston T.X. !!! RESPECT , Omari !!

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