Omari Hashim Cato – 2018/19

Omari Hashim Cato-201819 from Limited on Vimeo.

Need some quick motivation today? Hit play on his fresh Omari Hashim Cato, Omari has some unique back wheel lines going on, especially liked the tyre grab variation on the tyre kick junkyard turbine at the 00:56 and add in a funky mad lib track. Stoked on this!

4 thoughts on “Omari Hashim Cato – 2018/19

  1. Really ammmped to wake up to some fresh footage of Omari . Cant believe how much hes progressed his riding since first meeting / riding with him back in summer 2013 when Diego Tejada brought him over to the session spot , and that last C.F.O. comp he attended ……..just knocking out his VIDEO combos in a contest run , also when he stepped up battling some elite pros @ the F.I.S.E. stop in Denver , couple years ago…….man , gotta say Im stoked on him ! Not to mention hes an amazing fixed gear road bike racer and a teacher during the day . Again digging these new combos , gonna have to watch this again later , salud , Omari !

    • That’s right Omari stylish combos and clean!!loved that tire grab trick.a nice motivation for tommorows session!keep it up bro!!

  2. So legit Omari, great seeing your smooth & dialed back wheel riding. Liked that last link riding into the back yard like that.

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