James McGraw – One Session

ONE SESSION from James McGraw on Vimeo.

At the age of 49, James McGraw is riding better than ever. Psyched on his new custom ride, he left the front wheel tricks alone for a session and this is what happened. James explains more, this is a good watch!

“Since I got my new frame I’ve been riding mostly front wheel. It has been frustrating relearning all my tricks. So when my friend Ray came down tonight and we had a session in the shop. It was my first real session in the shop with the floor prepped properly on the new bike. We started calling out some of my video tricks and it seems like I couldn’t miss a trick if I wanted to. Tonight’s session was the kind of session that motivate me to keep riding. It was Pure Fun!!!!!!!!!”

2 thoughts on “James McGraw – One Session

  1. James ripping on his bike…..AGE 49………..throwing down rope spins stubbled ducked to inside cross stick-bs , pedal time machines , pivoted / turbined to inside pedal junk rolls ……..DAMN CORRECT , it was a good session , haha ! Always a treat when he drops some footage ….Colorado has churned out some of the most RULING riders , like James…….and ….some of my favorite bands ,also !! COLORADICALS , indeed.

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