Oone jam 09

Japan is no joke! Contests/jams almost all the time!! Congrats to Moto for once again winning another contest, how many is that this year!!! And also congrats to our japanese contributer Taku who finished in 7th place!! awesome. Heres a few photos from the jimalog blog.

Top 2-Moto and Shinde.

Nao spinning fast as ever.

Takahiro ikeda, looks like Marrtis influence is catching on in japan, the one handed bar spin whopper influence….

1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Yosihiro Shinde
3rd Katsushi Tanaka
4th Nao Yoshida
5th Takahiro Higaki
6th Akihiko Takahashi
7th Takuzi Kasahara
8th Yosuke Shibuya

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