OSG14 – Flatland Final / Top 4

OSG14 / Flatland Final / Top4 from OGBS on Vimeo.

I’ve been waiting for this one from OG Marton, and it doesn’t disappoint! Just over 8 minutes of riding highlights from the Top 4 at OSG 14! Featuring Dominik Nekolny, László Tivadar, Martin Drazil and Matthias Dandois. So much good riding, stoked to see László ride so well in a contest, the last two footed backyard around 5:10 is amazing, and what a treat to see Dom’s run again in better quality!

10 thoughts on “OSG14 – Flatland Final / Top 4

  1. I see how Nekolny got 1st, but I don’t see how Matthias got 4th it seemed to be between Nekolny and Matthias and even with brakes Nekolny’s run seemed more technical and difficult.

  2. Dandois, remember 2008, king of ground round 3 Final, you vs Foakes and vs ucchie. Supposedly you win, but riding very bad horrible the same in others contests, so unless you are not a bitch dont cry and not complain pussy!

  3. The judges appreciated Matthias’s riding as he got into the finals on 1st place. Everybody loves him in Hungary, the judges too. What you can’t see on this video are two things: two main combos were out of the time limit in the finals and the speaker’s mistake, that Matthias wasn’t sufficiently warned. A big countdown timer will solve this problem. Secondly, you can’t see the spoilt combos on this video, there were about 2 of them. With a run like his qualifying run he would have been 1st or 2nd easily.

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