Over 8 Bar Flatland Camp + Contest – Komárom, Hungary

Jobb Máté got in contact with some new of a flatland event going down right now and over this weekend in Komárom, Hungary.
Last year Adam Kun, Sebastian Grubinger came here and more riders. This year Shane Badman is attending this event.

There will be a flatland camp in Hungary, Komárom from 8th to 11th in August! This is a border town between Slovakia and Hungary near River Danube and 90 kms from Budapest!
There will be 2 or 3 categories Expert,Master and Pro,depends on how many riders will come! From Budapest this town can reachable by train in 1 hour. The accomodation will be on a student hostel (9 euros/night).This camp isn´t first in Hungary, earlier took place in Szombathely, and Ajka( Summer Gypsy Games). This is a new proposal, but we´d like to recall those days, when lot of riders from different countries came here anywhen now anywhen in the next years. At nights there will be parties in the town or grill at riverbank and we organise a final party too :)! If the weather is so hot there is a good beach here! Come on, chill, party, practise! 🙂
Any questions: Máté Jobb +36 30 473 7771, Norbert Schmelhaus +36 209692245 or +421 948155435

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